Matthew Rix

Dreams Into Reality

Matthew Rix is looking for the future moguls of the entertainment industry!

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Matthew Rix is looking for a few interns to help with impacting the lives of Artists and Entertainment companies around the world. Looking for highly motivated “Interns” to work with Matthew and his companies in various areas from live events/seminars (Pack your bags), to setting up and assisting in promotional events/interviews for Matthew and future music industry growth and planning.

You will learn hands on all about the entertainment and music industry from Matthew and his team.  Fill out the form below to start the process and someone from Matthew's team will be in touch. After the first interview is completely we will do an extensive background assessment to make sure that you serve a perfect fit.

*If you’re a recording artist, this is not the program for you and your submission will be rejected!

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*It's Available On All Streaming Services?