Matthew Rix

Dreams Into Reality


After 17 years of music business success, Matthew Rix (The Mattrix) is traveling to cities around the world for a one night high energy music business event.

In 2014 Matthew traveled the world speaking to artists at the Remix Your Future events. He also started his one minute daily Music Business audio program "Mattrix Minute".  In 2014 alone the Mattrix Minute saw over 5.5 million sales and streams from 29 different countries, now in 2016 that number is well over 8 million sales and streams. Mattrix Minute became the go to program to learn how you can achieve success in the music industry in a practical and simplistic approach.

Matthew has an understanding of where the music industry is heading and how you can be a leader, not a follower in it. You will learn the core principles of what a record label is looking for in an artist and you will get a better understanding of how to instill passion not only in your career, but into your fans as well.
Matthew has spent the past 17 years working for record labels including Benson/Jive, BMG, and labels underneath EMI/Universal and Sony/BMG. He has consulted for politicians, artists, producers, record labels, and authors. He is the go to guy when a songwriter is having writers block, or when an artist is having trouble with their manager or label.